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BAM!™ is a Free to Play (F2P) trick-taking card game by Dark Horse Digital Pty Ltd. The aim
of the game is to win more Rounds in a Hand than your rival by shedding cards. Your reward is to claim the Pot, a set amount put up by all players at the beginning of each Hand. If you don’t win a Round, you've been BamBoozalled™ and have to match the pot amount at the start of the next Hand. A ‘game’ is played until the Pot returns to zero and neither player has been BamBoozalled.


Incremental Pot Amount

At the start of a Hand, both players compete for a pre-determined ‘Pot’ amount; an amount submitted by both players. The Pot increases if a player gets BamBoozalled™

10 Hands per Level

Every Level has a different Player to pit your card-playing skills against in 10 incremental Hands.

3 Opponent Types

A different number of cards together with different opponent types can lead to some UNEXPECTED outcomes.

3 - 6 Rounds per Hand

These are determined by the number of cards a player is dealt in a Level. Different (and less) cards give players different Hand possibilities and outcomes.

Optional In App Purchases

Unlock Levels! Feel’in free-spirited? Get NO TRUMPS games! Want more? Get TIMED Games!

10 Levels

That's 100 games or 580 Rounds!

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